Community Education: How Pilates Can Change Your Life

Photo by Cindy Singleton

Susan Beseris will be teaching Pilates for an upcoming course at CSI)

BURLEY – When you hear the word Pilates, do you think of difficult exercise regimes meant only the fit and athletic? If so, you’ll be interested to know that Pilates was originally developed to rehabilitate and strengthen the mind and body of people suffering disease and injury. The first to benefit from the methods of Joseph Pilates were wounded English soldiers during World War I.

Dancers and other athletes discovered the benefits of Pilates for increasing the strength of their core muscles and giving them more balance and grace. The core muscles are located deep within the back and abdomen, and when strengthened, will improve the rest of the body’s muscle structure and help you move with greater ease and balance. Once learned, the basic principles of centering, control, flow, breathing, precision, and concentration can help everyone of all ages and fitness levels become stronger, and reduce back and neck pain caused from a weakened core.

Pilates is popular not only among athletes, but also women rebounding from pregnancy; senior citizens; people at various levels of physical rehabilitation; and anyone looking for greater control of their body and a more streamlined physique.

The opportunity to learn how to incorporate Pilates into your life will be available through the Community Education program at CSI on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00-7:50, June 4 – 27, with a registration fee of $30. This class will be taught by Susan Beseris at the CSI Mini-Cassia campus in Burley. Susan has a Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration and has over 10 years of experience with Pilates. Sign up by calling 208-732-6442, or register in person at the Mini-Cassia campus located at 1600 Parke Avenue in Burley.



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