Food giveaway draws thousands

Mt View food giveaway

Courtesy photo by Warren Yadon

Volunteers helped load boxes for nearly 1000 people at Mt. View Christian Center’s Thanksgiving food distribution Sunday.


The Voice

                BURLEY – In their biggest effort yet, Mt. View Christian Center teamed up with South Central Community Action Partnership, Idaho Food Bank and others to provide a massive food giveaway Sunday.

                Dozens of volunteers from the church came out to help run more than 1,000 people through the lines that provided food (and coats) to those needing help.

                Although the weather was biting cold, lines started forming before the church finished its Sunday services, and two hours before the official start time for the distribution. Along with turkeys, chickens and a variety of boxed perishable foods, the church gave away nearly a thousand coats.

                “The coats were gone within an hour of when the giveaway started,” said volunteer Penne Main.

                With lines set up through the fellowship hall and the chapel to keep people warm while they were waiting to get their food boxes, the volunteers moved the people through in record time, but the event still lasted until dark.

                Crews carried boxes to nearby cars and four-wheelers carried them to vehicles parked off the site.

                It appeared that the economy was the largest contributor to the crowds. People talked about the cost of food going up and some were there because of unemployment.

                “We saw a lot of new faces we haven’t seen before,” Main said.

                Pastor Jim Powell awaited this distribution with excitement, knowing it would be the largest yet. He began the distributions nearly two years ago and they have continued to grow, both in people who are seeking the help and in the amount of goods provided. The church has teamed up with several organizations to bring a variety of foods into the area, including fresh produce in season, many frozen items, salmon and steelhead during fish runs, tortillas, fresh and frozen potato products from local manufacturing plants and much more.

                Persons who might have a need at times when there is no community distribution like Sunday’s may contact Powell at Mt. View Christian Center at 678-5460.


The Voice photo by Penne Main


Long lines of people waited in Mt. View Christian Center to receive their box of food at Sunday’s Thanksgiving distribution.

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