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June 29, 2011

-Police received a report children were lighting of fireworks and throwing them at passing cars.
-A woman reported her dog had been run over and needed to speak to an officer.
-A woman reported three teens were crawling on bounce houses and through some tarps. She
was concerned about her property.

June 30, 2011

-Police received a report of an abandoned 95 Olds Cutlas.
-Jason Charles Dimond, 27, Rupert, was arrested for failure to appear.
-Casey Ronald Fairchild, 20, Rupert, was arrested on a felony warrant.
-Laura Ann Gerrard, 55, Acequia, was arrested for no insurance second offense.

July 1 2011

-A woman reported she was having problems with her 16 year old daughter and needed police
-Shaun Lindsey Mcdougall, 41, Paul, was arrested for driving under the influence and driving
without privileges.
-A woman reported her husband called in to police a truck had been stolen that she had sold.
-Jason Arturo Quintana, 31, Hailey, was arrested for driving without privileges

July 2, 2011

-Leslie D. Johnson, 27, Rupert, was arrested for driving without privileges.
-Eric James Vega, 20, Rupert, was arrested for driving without privileges.

July 3 2011

-Police received a report of a man wearing a light blue shirt, dark pants, and a Rupert Police Department hat was telling people to move their cars. It was reported the man also had a .38 revolver in his back pocket. According to police no one was arrested.
-A person reported they believed someone was trying to break into their back door.
-Sarah Nichole Dabell, 22, Rupert, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with
intent to deliver and driving under the influence.
-Benito Olivares-Acosta, 28, Burley, was arrested for failure to purchase a drivers license and
failure to report an accident.

July 4, 2011

-A person reported a family had no power or water and the children had third degree sunburns and were bathing in dirty water.
-A woman reported her mother was being held against her will for about three hours. Police arrested
Desi Tony Martinez, 42, Rupert, for false imprisonment.
-Henry Junior Tuli, 41, Rupert was arrested for aggravated battery and domestic battery.
-A person reported they had found a twenty dollar bill in the Rupert Square.

July 5, 2011

-Summerlee April Andrade, 31, Rupert, was arrested for driving under the influence.
-Benito Morales- Gonzalez, 41, Rupert, was arrested for second offence no insurance.
-Police responded to a report of a 5 month old child not breathing. No further information was

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