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In support of Kidd
I have been involved in the Law Enforcement field for the past thirty years and feel compelled to write this letter in support of Sheriff Randy Kidd.
Since becoming Sheriff, Randy Kidd has improved and expanded the K9 drug detection program in Cassia County.  The Cassia County Sheriff’s Department currently has five drug dogs in patrol and one for the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center.   His love for dogs and appreciation for how valuable they can be is unsurpassed.  He has worked tirelessly to eradicate the drug problem in Cassia County through his K9 Drug Detection Program and his work through the Drug Task Force.
I have observed through his tenure as Sheriff his ability to improve the law enforcement in Cassia County.  He requires from his deputies accountability, good report writing, training, and enforcement of the laws of the State of Idaho.
Sheriff Kidd also has the administration experience that is necessary to run a department economically and professionally.  His undersheriff George Warrell is also an added benefit to this department through his years of experience and ability to understand how effective law enforcement works.
The position of Sheriff is not always a job where you can please everyone.  When you look at those that have endorsed the other candidate make sure that their reasons are not purely an ax to grind because of some past conflict.
My endorsement is based on Randy Kidd’s honesty, integrity, and an untiring commitment to law enforcement in Cassia County.     Please vote for Randy Kidd for Cassia County Sheriff.
Kim Bourn

Senator Cameron Still Top Man for the Job
It’s time to speak up about a legislative candidate that has already proven himself to be a man of integrity and good judgment. Senator Dean Cameron has served the citizens of District 26 (and the people of Idaho) for 11 terms.
He is now running in District 27 as a result of redistricting.  During his tenure at the Statehouse, Senator Cameron has distinguished himself as a legislator that is accessible, willing to listen to all sides of an issue, doesn’t have a personal agenda, and uses his experience, wisdom and good common sense to help pass legislation that is well-balanced and good for the people of Idaho. While he always works for consensus, he’s not afraid to make the hard votes.
Senator Cameron has earned respect and gained influence within the Senate, and demonstrated his leadership abilities.
I encourage District 27 voters to re-elect Senator Cameron.
John V. Evans, Jr., CEO
D.L. Evans Bank

Support for Dennis Crane
We wanted to write and explain why we are in support of Dennis Crane for Cassia County Commissioner. In recent negotiations for the remodel of the new court house annex Crane was able to save the county 70,000. The original bid for the remodel was 150,000 but Crane was very instrumental in the renegotiations and the bid was settled at 80,000.
Secondly, he was a strong supporter of the Elba /Almo Highway so that local people who come from that area to work and shop would be more able to do so. After upgrading the road, he worked with the other commissioners and the State of Idaho to have it made into a state highway so that maintenance would come from the state and our local funds could be used for other roadway projects. The savings on upkeep for resurfacing this road is about 60,000 a year that will now be taken care of by the state.
The other main reason we are supporting Crane is his position on the Gateway Powerline project where he was very protective of private citizens’ land. There were many options that would have required private land owners to give up their private land or the way it was used. Crane preferred to use public land and protect privately owned land where ever possible.
I cannot stress how important and beneficial Crane’s experience has been and will continue to be to our county. He has spent the last few years learning the most effective ways of dealing with the state and federal government on these projects and we feel that great strides in our favor will be lost if he is not allowed to continue serving us so well. We encourage you to get out and vote for Dennis Crane on May 15.

Ron and Melanie Christensen

Support for Heward, Pickett
I am writing this letter in support of Jay Heward for Sheriff and Douglas Pickett for Senate.  I have met Jay Heward personally at my former place of employment and found him to be very pleasant and down to earth.  I believe Sheriff Kidd has done many wonderful things for our community, yet I feel change is never a bad thing!  In reading about Jay and his credentials, he has a lot of experience in the Sheriff’s Department and beyond, and I will be more than happy to put my vote in for him on May 15th.
I am also voting for Douglas Pickett.  I have never met him, but I really like his attitude, enthusiasm and values!  I also feel Senator Cameron has done many great and wonderful things for our community, yet I am excited to see others wanting to better our community as well, and to see what great ideas they have for us!   Thank you Sheriff Kidd and Senator Cameron, but now let’s see what good things Jay Heward and Douglas Pickett can do for us!
Adelle Holman

Support Sheriff Kidd 
As a 40 year veteran of the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office, I have witnessed the political twists and turns over the years in many sheriffs’ races. At times, I have held my head high. At others, I have shaken my head in wonder, and then there have been times that I have hung my head in disgust. I hope this Sheriff’s race won’t be one that I will have to hang my head in disgust.
Cassia County politics have been, at times, particularly frustrating. That’s why I was delighted when Sheriff Rany Kidd announced his intentions to seek a second term. From the onset of Randy’s career, he has impressed me with his desire to do the right thing, his knowledge of current drug issues, and his genuine concern for the citizens of Cassia County.
Cassia County needs to keep Sheriff Kidd in office for a second term. He is a strong and effective leader that has done an outstanding job in his first term. I was glad to see that he was able to work effectively with the Burley City administration to resolve the City/ Council law enforcement contract. His decision to place his undersheriff as the city’s liaison was a great move. I have personally talked to several city officials that are extremely happy with the cooperation between the City of Burley and the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office. In fact, I was also told that since the beginning of the contract back in 1986, the City of Burley has never been happier with the level of service they are currently receiving.
Sheriff Kidd has the experience needed to continue on as our Sheriff. There will be no learning cure if he is elected to a second term. He is a dedicated family man with high integrity and is well respected in our community. His values and ethics are above reproach. I encourage Cassia County voters to re-elect Sheriff Randy Kidd.

Don W. Green


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